My approach is simple:  I believe in real moments and the value of being genuine. I'm a storyteller who seeks to capture all of the moments as they unfold which means that I won't ask you to reenact anything, because the beauty of your story lies within your honest moments.

I'm driven by looking closely at subtleties while also capturing those 'big picture moments' whether that be the way a couple looks at eachother on one of the most important days of their life or the context of a college graduate's greatest accomplishments. I want to pay close attention to the moments of meaning, that when you look back you'll remember exactly how you felt. I want to document you in your truest form giving you unique images that reflect your personalities and connection.

I also love to chase the sun! Natural light is one of this planet's greatest gifts and it is where beautiful photographs are best achieved. Clients with a sense of adventure are my favorites because they aren't afraid to get a little lost or a little dirty for the sake of a gorgeous photograph.