Mountain Mini Shoot by Caitlin Trickett

Man it feels SO good to be back! I've gotten a lot of great quality time with the family and I'm cherishing every quiet, relaxing moment before next week rolls around and all chaos breaks loose with new apartment/new job/miscellaneous. My #1 client [Sydney] and I hopped up the hill for a quick mini-shoot after church on Sunday and grabbed these beauties. I can't wait to get back into doing more portraits and falling asleep to the hum of endless Photoshop tutorials on YouTube [I'm a nerd]. Enjoy!

[Pretty please let me take your pictures! I am always looking to do a shoot and would LOVE to fulfill your current photography needs. Visit the Contact link to get ahold of me!]

That's Amore - Joey and Shaelyn Engagement by Caitlin Trickett

How many couples can say that they had their engagement shoot done in Rome, Italy?! I don't know but Joey and Shaelyn can! Last Sunday was the perfect day for a photoshoot (minus the freezing wind). The three of us had a fun time playing around in the side streets of the city center before heading down to the riverbank to snap a few more shots. With Castel St. Angelo and St. Peter's as a backdrop you can't go wrong. These two looked great which made my job very easy and they were such troopers when the temperature dropped towards the end of the day. The love that Joey and Shae have for eachother is so apparent and I was happy to have been able to work with them. What a great opportunity they have had to travel Italy together! Here is a collection of some of my favorite photos from the shoot. Enjoy!

EN VOGUE IN ROME by Caitlin Trickett

Finally had the chance to photograph the lovely Caitlyn Juarez on Sunday in and around the streets of Rome. A big 'Thank You' to her for curbing my photo-taking appetite! Hopefully this won't be the only shoot we get to do while we're here. Enjoy!

[shot with Canon Rebel t3i l Kit Lens and 50mm lens - Edited with Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop]

YOU CAN'T ROME WITHOUT CESAR - ROME pt. 07 by Caitlin Trickett


[I win Corniest Entry Name 2015 - In direct reference to Kanye West's song Flashing Lights

Cesar shows off the finer things with a Sunday stroll from Trastevere to Palazzo Taverna. My favorite type of photography is portrait and since arriving in Italy I haven't been able to get my portrait-taking "fix" so I decided that I would rope Cesar into a short session today...

Fun Fact:  007's new movie is going to be shot in Rome this month! At one point in the film, Daniel Craig parachutes onto this very bridge; Ponte Sisto and involves himself in a Fiat 500 car chase. 

BYE AMERICA! by Caitlin Trickett

I'll be leaving for Rome this coming Sunday (freaking out!) so for old time's sake Sydney and I did another photoshoot together. We found these amazingly cute, surprisingly cheap Steve Madden heels in some after-Christmas shopping so we took advantage of one of my last nights on the homeland to comprise a fun shoot as an excuse to show them off (ha). The immediate venue is in what will be the dining room of our new house that is set for 'construction complete' sometime mid February (yay!). Getting to do these "sister shoots" will be one of the things I miss most while being away for 4 months. 

[shot with Canon Rebel t3i - kit lens  l  edited with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom]

C A D R O N V A L L E Y by Caitlin Trickett

My last photoshoot for 2014 was a success! Hiking around Cadron Valley with Scout and Lauren was such a fun time and I got a batch of really great photos to play around with. Try not to smile when checking out this shoot preview :)

[shot with Canon Rebel t3i - kit lens  l  edited with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop]

S U L P H U R S P R I N G S by Caitlin Trickett

American Horror Story

Sydney and I both share a somewhat recent love for the the Fox Network show American Horror Story. While spending a Saturday in Sulphur Springs, AR for a family reunion we happened upon the historic Kihlberg Hotel (1909) - a perfect setting for an American Horror Story homage. Taking complete advantage of the place we did as we do best and took some photos. The post-processing consists of hazing grains, vignettes, and double exposure to convey a similar 'creepy' look to that of the opening credits of AHS.

co-production:  Caitlin Trickett + Sydney Trickett

[shot with Canon Rebel t3i - 50mm lens  l edited with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop]

M T S E Q U O Y A H by Caitlin Trickett

Soon To Be Family of Three

The Annables are having a baby! The month of February could not come soon enough for the arrival of their bouncing baby boy. This is another piece in my Portfolio Expansion endeavor and I could not be more satisfied with the results - even if the evening light on the mount was a bit dull. The beautiful fall leaves were the perfect backdrop to resemble a new chapter in the Annable's lives.  I can not wait to meet baby B!


[shot with canon rebel t3i - 50mm lens  l  edited with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop]