Prepping for Spring with Jord Watches / by Caitlin Trickett


Composing this blog post on a very rainy, windy, cold February day with a space heater under my desk and let me just say that I am BEYOND ready for Spring.

Spring, for me, is prime time to really re-up/flex those New Year's Resolutions I vowed back in December of last year because the weather is wonderful and my disposition is much cheerier therefore, I feel more motivated to do things...anything...all the things.

This particular day was practice for the warmer months with preemptive spring cleaning (thank you Remodelista), catching up on/organizing all things Caitlin Trickett Photography, sticky-noting my favorite heirloom tomato recipes via Bon Appetit (cmon Bentonville Farmer's Market Season), and sporting some of my new favorite Spring Wardrobe pieces.

Like most all of my latest aesthetically pleasing possessions these days, I found Jord Watches on Instagram. It took about 0 seconds for me to become captivated by this company because A) their social media page and website are a dream and B) their watches are absolutely beautiful! I love how the design of the watches step away from the silvers and golds and steps toward a completely new approach using raw materials and a skeleton aesthetic.

The watch I'm wearing is the Cassia style in Zebra and Ivory:

The thing that attracted me most to this style was how classic it is, not to mention that it goes with just about everything...and I should know because I have worn it everyday with yea, just about everything. It is practical, comfortable, and elegant and I am anxious to carry it through every season.

Check out the Men's/Unisex Style Watches HERE:

And also the Women's/Unisex Style Watches HERE:

Thank you Jord for sending me one of your beautiful timepieces to show off!


Enter to win $100 gift code to use on Jord's site! Just follow the link below and fill out the form: