Mr. and Mrs. Hambuchen / by Caitlin Trickett

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none" - Shakespeare


Harrison and Samantha have known eachother since elementary school. What started as a friendship slowly turned into a dating relationship that ultimately brought them to their current status as Mr. and Mrs. Hambuchen. What's so fun about the joining of two people who have been together for this long is that his friends are her friends and her friends are his friends so there isn't a divide amongst wedding party guests. Everybody knew everybody else and that was a fun thing to be a part of.

The wedding took place in Conway, AR (hometown feels!) at St. Joseph's Catholic Church downtown. The chapel was a DREAM with it's bright blue paint and vaulted ceiling which made for some lovely photos. The day was gorgeous, the families were big, and the smiles were plenty for Harrison and Samantha's big day and I could not be more excited for these two to do forever together!

Congratulations to you two!