Elizabeth / by Caitlin Trickett

"To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness." - Robert Morley


Kids these days.

Millennials as a whole get a bad rap for being "lazy, unmotivated, self-absorbed, etc."...I hear it all the time but I don't completely understand it. Sure there's social media that has become a point of obsession for the majority; a tool to downward spiral into hating yourself for "not having what she has" but at the same time the thing that builds businesses and exposure, serves as a personal archive for 'the good times', and builds your connectivity to people and places around you. 

Now for the whole part about us being "unmotivated"...

Personally, I've chosen to probably someday work myself to death with everything I've got going on and the act of 'relaxing' has to literally be scheduled into my Google calendar, paper calendar, and that little post-it note of To-Do's on my desk at work (being a crazy To-Do List Lady is my happy place). It's possible that because this is my lifestyle I tend to only surround myself with people of the same caliber but more than anything I see that the talent and know-how gets younger and younger. For example...

Elizabeth is 19, plays volleyball at JBU, has started a photography business, hustles to get more exposure as a potential model, and is getting a college education. That is kids these days! So young and ridiculously motivated to do whatever it takes to reach a goal and live out the life they want. It's seriously amazing!

I can't wait to shoot with Elizabeth again! She's gorgeous, funny, smart, and so easy to talk to. Here are some of my favorites from our spout about downtown Rogers, AR.

Set #1

Body Suit - Forever 21  I  Skirt - Savoir Faire

Set #2

Body Suit - Forever 21  I  Shorts - Jones Cut Offs  I  Shoes - Adidas All Stars

Set #3

Dress - Hello Luvvy

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