Wanderlust / by Caitlin Trickett

"Man is only great when he acts from passion." - Benjamin Disraeli


A lot of things make me happy. One of those things is watching people succeed at following their passions through a lot of faith and really hard work. My beautiful friend Shelby is doing just that.

Shelby has always had a special place in her heart for family and friends but above all else she recognizes her aspirations and does everything in her power to achieve them. She's a dreamer and an inspiration and I like her! It has been so fun to follow along with all of Shelby's new ideas and adventures because I'm getting to live vicariously through her. I mean, she packed up and moved to LA for school, then moved down to Florida, back home for a sec, and now she's working her booty off to get a job in Texas...that's pretty amazing! These big and ever-changing life choices seem scary to me but for her it's just another Tuesday or something ha. I like to think that I've challenged myself in more ways than one but there has been and probably always will be that underlying "let's keep our wheel of comfort in sight" for most everything I do which is 100% okay and ideal for little ole me :)

This photoshoot was a way of resembling Shelby's carefree and euphoric outlook on life in this moment. The goal was wide open fields and simple back roads and in case you don't know, Arkansas has plenty of those...I mean we literally met in the middle of Bentonville and drove about 6 minutes before we ran into some prospective locations. We had an amazing time, as per usual, and the results are pretty stellar.

I cannot wait to see what Shelby's next steps are! She's a shining star and Texas will be very lucky to have her!