Steven / by Caitlin Trickett

Reed "Steven" Wells

One of my favorite fellow Wampus Cats and Fay Jonesians is graduating from architecture school next month. Reed* and I go pretty far back, from a riveting Skills USA trip to me third-wheeling it in Silver Dollar City but specifically Mr. Mathis' drafting class our Junior Year of High School (this is where our "undying love" for architecture began).

Obviously I was excited when Reed asked me to take some senior pictures for him a couple of weekends ago because, as I predicted, we had an awesome time! Reed decided to pop 5 bottles of champagne at various locations on campus to symbolize his 5 years of architecture school (so if you need to know how to properly "pop" and "capture" a champagne shot, we've got you covered).

Anywho, Reed is one of the coolest guys I know and I'm positive that he'll go on to do even cooler things after graduation. ConGRADulations "Steven"! Have fun out there!

*Reed was Reed in high school but decided to change his name to Steven (his first name) when he moved to Fayetteville. 

Real cute, real old Blackberry Curve pics from Skills USA and Silver Dollar City circa 2010/2011...Couldn't resist! Happy Graduation Reed!