Langley Engagements / by Caitlin Trickett

Reese + Sarah

Sarah reached out to me about taking her's and Reese's wedding photos quickly after getting engaged. While the two of us have never met, we have beaucoups of mutual friends so initiating a friendship of our own right off the bat was a breeze!

Sarah has the type of personality that is impossibly infectious. Her beautiful smile and her sweet demeanor would make a complete stranger feel like a million dollars. She is so encouraging and easy-going and well, just ya know, great!

My first time meeting Reese was at the engagement shoot as well. Same situation of having mutual acquaintances but never actually meeting one another. Reese is one of the funniest guys I've met in awhile and much like Sarah, he was super easy-going and "up for whatever".

The shoot was a roaring success! These two are all-around perfect for one another and their love and friendship was made so evident throughout the entire shoot. They share a love for the Lord and for Crossfit and with a foundation like that you really can't go wrong!

I cannot wait to work with them when them next year on their wedding day!