Skelton Engagements / by Caitlin Trickett


I don't think it's possible for me to even put into words how amazing, beautiful, fun, etc. this couple is....

Zach and Remington have been dating for NINE years, you guys! It's like the two most perfect individuals found eachother so early on and were like "yea, let's do this...forever". I love high school sweetheart stories. 

Remington contacted me awhile back and asked me to photograph her's and Zach's wedding and I couldn't believe it (still can't). I knew of Remington previously from the insane amount of time and money I spent (spend) at Monroe Boutique in Conway...this is where she works and maybe also where I wish I worked too because it's a magical place.

I met up with the future Mr. and Mrs. Skelton on the lawn in front of the Arkansas State Capitol and from there we jumped to different Downtown Little Rock spots. One request that Remington and Zach had was that they really wanted cute yellow trolley photos which I was all about but figuring out how and where to hop on and off one of these things proved difficult. UNTIL the good Lord smiled down on us and said "tonight, you will have the perfect engagement shoot. Behold, an open, basically empty trolley car taking a 10 minute break." Thank goodness for kind trolley car operators who let us hop on for a bit to shoot some cozy trolley photos. The excitement level of all three of us was something to behold. We were smiling so hard!

Just to continue the perfect Skelton Engagement Saga, the trolley car was stopped right next to a parking garage with free access to the top deck. Here we grabbed amazing sunset photos before topping off the night at the Clinton Library.

The weather was perfect, the lighting was amazing, the locations were spot on, and we were all just having a really joyful time together. This night and these people made me impossibly excited for September of next year. 

Zach and Remington, the two of you are a special set of people and I am so blessed to have this opportunity to capture your love!

I didn't even try to narrow down the photos for this blog because I love them all: