Ruby / by Caitlin Trickett

Every frame was magic.

The art of stalking beautiful people on social media and then sliding into their DM's with 'hey, I love your look and you don't know me but I want to take your photographs' has worked out pretty well for me lately. Ruby was one of my victims but I like to think that we may actually have a legitimate friendship going post-shoot.

I wanted something painfully simple: just to capture all things Ruby from her beautiful skin to her amazing bone structure. This translated into "wear the simplest thing possible, I'm going to put you against this blank wall and the only prop is a stool." I believe in the raw simplicity of a shoot like this especially when it's black and white.

May I just say that there really isn't anything more refreshing than working with a model who knows exactly how to (for lack of a better phrase) 'work it' for the camera. I quickly understood that Ruby would need 0 direction and that my 'yas, slay' feedback was as equally unnecessary. 

Anyway, I'm so grateful for this little photography hobby. Without it I wouldn't have met so many of the wonderful friends I have today and I may have already gone crazy for lack of a creative release. It truly does save you! 

Here are 50 frames from my photoshoot with the lovely Ruby Asare. Enjoy!

I've got a handful of killer shoots coming up next month that I can not wait to share! It's going to be a fun September 2016.