Smith Engagements / by Caitlin Trickett

A couple months ago I was asked to take surprise engagements for my friend Tanner and his soon-to-be-trothed Whitney [see those HERE]. It was such a beautiful beginning to their lifelong journey together and I was so happy to be a part of it. I was even happier when Whitney reached out to me to take their wedding photos in February!! 

Tanner and Whitney's engagement session started at the windy peach orchard on Round Mountain in Conway followed by coffee at Blue Sail downtown. I gave minimal direction because their natural interaction was more than enough. There was laughing (a lot of laughing) and a playfulness between the two that I loved to see; not to mention that this makes for the best couples photos!

Their love for one another is contagious and I cannot wait to capture more moments on their big day. Here are a handful of my favorites from an afternoon with Tanner and Whitney: