Lindsey / by Caitlin Trickett

Lindsey was a "cold-call" client so when I showed up at Old Main this past Saturday I had no idea who I was supposed to be looking for (always a fun game). When she approached me I was immediately blown away by how gorgeous she was! Thinking, "they make people like this??"

We started on Old Main lawn eventually working our way to the Pi Phi Gate and then into Carnall Hall. The entire time Lindsey was in a cute little dress and heels in December and on the UofA's campus where it's uphill in all directions. Girl was a trooper! Lindsey could toggle effortlessly from a beautiful smile to a "serious face" and she knew how to work every angle of her body which is always so refreshing to see. Her outfit choices were on point and while she probably didn't plan for it, perfect for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

I'm so thankful for all of the amazing people I've gotten to meet this year! Lindsey's session just about marks the end of my 2016 photoshoots and I could not be more excited for what 2017 sends my way.