Breeding Engagements / by Caitlin Trickett

Meet the Breedings...well, almost!

Every single frame was pure magic thanks to the weather, backdrop, colors, and of course this insanely attractive couple! It was very difficult to whittle the line up down so I went a little overboard on the edits (the clients never complain about "too many photos" btw).

Taylor and I went to high school together (Wampus Cats 2k11 forever) and when she reached out to me to take her's and Cole's wedding photos next August I couldn't say 'yes' fast enough! It's going to be at the amazing Albert Pike in downtown Little Rock and knowing these two I can only imagine how beautiful the ceremony is going to be (and the dress...I cannot wait to see the dress).

Here are a handful of some of my favorites from Cole and Taylor's engagement session:

Can't get enough? Click HERE to see the entire gallery!