Isom Family / by Caitlin Trickett

The first time I met baby Mack he was in his momma's belly. Now he's a chunky little mini who is about to celebrate his 1st birthday. Time flies!

I was so excited that Lauren asked me to take their fall family photos because -- I mean just look at how sweet they are! Immediately after stepping out of my car little Mack wanted me to hold him. My heart continued to melt until I said 'goodbye' to them at the end of the shoot.

Lauren told me that Mack was the perfect baby when it came to getting his photos taken and she was not kidding! I was shocked at how amazing he was the entire time we shot. All the distraction he needed was a car key and a few leaves to chomp on.

I love this little session and I am so excited for Lauren and David's wedding next Spring!