Jordan Engagements / by Caitlin Trickett

Andrew and Ashley were my dream clients.

I always go into shoots excited and ready to work but I'd just attended my yearly family reunion where I'd eaten too much food and sat in the sun for a little too long so I was beat. That feeling of "I honestly just want to lay down on the sidewalk right now" was very strong that day. Needless to say, I really needed clients like Andrew and Ashley:  excited, adorable, prepared, and in love. It took 0 time for me to know that this engagement shoot was going to be a fun one.

I loved watching Andrew and Ashley (in a non-creepy "I have to take their photos" kind of way) because their relationship thrived on a natural playfulness. It's like I wasn't even there and that's when you capture some of the best moments. Fairly certain that I was smiling and/or laughing the entire time.

I'm excited for this shoot and for this friendship! Here are some of my favorite shots from our evening in downtown Rogers: