Tori - Senior Shoot / by Caitlin Trickett

I was so excited to hear that I would be taking Tori's senior photos last weekend because, outside of my sister, she was my first high school senior to photograph [woot woot!]. Tori was the biggest champ for her shoot on Sunday because 1) we started shooting at 7:00 am 2) it started raining 15 minutes into the shoot so we had to break the morning up into two parts 3) she put up with us driving all over town trying to find locations and 4) she laid on the wet a beautiful white dress. I mean c'mon, she is awesome! Despite all of the circumstances of the day we got some wonderful photos that I'm happy to finally be able to share with you. Enjoy!

A big Thank You! to Tori for letting me take her photos. I haven't been at this for very long but I'm so happy that she gave me a chance to show my stuff. You're the best T!