Nostalgia 02 / by Caitlin Trickett

So...Summer Internship 2015 hasn't presented me with much work which means that I have ample time to read up on current events, watch cute puppy videos on YouTube, and look back through Study Abroad blog posts (which makes me sad and nostalgic) . I felt that there was a handful of photos that I didn't share while I was in Europe so I wanted to do that now. While I'm not going to draaaaaag out my time abroad by constantly bringing it up, I think that it will be fun to revisit this trip from time-to-time. So here we have a collection of iPhone photos (#iphoneonly) that I thought should've made the cut! Enjoy!

[ALSO:  I am challenging myself to have a brand new blog post every week (Tuesday posts sound nice) whether it is business-related, personal, or informative so be on the look-out! I've posted about it so now I HAVE to do it!...keeping myself accountable. Have a good week!]