Rogers, AR l Tony & Kitling / by Caitlin Trickett

These two! The love that Tony and Kitling share for one another was made so evident at our shoot the other weekend in downtown Rogers and I was very excited to have the opportunity to snap a few photos of them. Kitling is a photographer herself and to whom I owe a huge thanks to for introducing me to Jasmine Star and the 50mm lens (two of my favorites things ever!). We connected when I reached out to her about how much I liked the work she was doing and after talking photography over a cup of coffee for a couple of hours we stayed in touch and became friends. Both Tony and Kitling have such bright, kind personalities which made the shoot go over wonderfully AND to top it off, they brought their adorable puppy Juniper! It's clients like these two that make me love taking photos and I'm excited at the possibility of working with them again in the future. Here are a few shots from last Sunday. Enjoy!

I'll take this opportunity to let you know that Caitlin Trickett Photography has a facebook page! I have become so inspired lately by watching Creative Live's 'The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience' and meeting/collaborating with other photographers in the NWA area. Of all the collected advice from these past couple of weeks I have learned how important it is to take risks and say 'yes'. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was a successful business so while it will take work work work and putting myself out there, I'm ready for the places I will go and the people I will meet .  I am so excited about what is to come of my teeny weeny photography business in the very near future and I can not wait to share my inevitable struggle with all of you on the blog and page. Thanks for joining me!