FOOD AGAIN - ROME pt. 12 / by Caitlin Trickett

Here she is again:  Food! This month's edition is a bit lacking because I was having way too much fun and eating too many good things to remember to photograph them ha. I did a lot of traveling this month so I got to break away from the Italian pastas and try other dishes special to Spain and Switzerland. Looking back there were many delicious dishes that I wish I could share with you but you'll have to take my word for it when I say that "I've been eating good in the neighborhood" lately. So here are a few dishes for you to sink your teeth into:

^ This past week's Spring Break consisted of many good things including the homemade meals that happened 3 times a day everyday. This little spaghetti with meatballs combination was enjoyed twice while on the trip because the meat was SO delicious. We thought about taking a few back with us when we left but decided to keep them as a sweet memory. Just one more thing to persuade us to come back to the Amalfi Coast again someday.

^ Cesar surprised me with his culinary creativity by bringing out an "egg pancake" of sorts. It was a simple egg and saltine cracker combination and it was so delicious! We had this every morning during Spring Break week with a side of toast and strawberry jam and roasted red peppers. Oh and Peach Tea, you can't forget this because we had at least 4 cups each everyday.

^ At the beginning of March Cesar and I went to Barcelona and tried the famous Paella which is a Spanish dish composed of rice and a seafood medley. While there were yummy aspects to the dish we couldn't quite get over the different textures and the fact that some of our food still had its face.

^ I've set aside the brusselsprouts with pancetta and replaced it with a colorful, fresh salad. No matter what I'm eating I love to couple it with a heaping bowl of salad topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Tuna cakes are also a very quick, easy, and filling dish to make so I've been whipping up some of those lately as well.

^ This was one of the most amazing things I'd seen in a long time:  An All-American Breakfast complete with a stack of 3 pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and a cup of coffee. This little gem of a place is known as Homebaked and sits atop a hill just south of Trastevere. While it's probably a 3 mile walk from my apartment I like to treat my self on occasion and I am never disappointed. 

^ My friend Hannah Breshears came to visit Rome a couple of weeks ago and opened my eyes to all sorts of wonderful shops and restaurants I'd never knew existed. This particular day we got brunch at the Babington's Tea Room next to the Spanish Steps and indulged in a ham and cheese sandwich and a pot of chai tea. I felt so fancy!

^ Another excellent example of Hannah's restaurant introductions is Prati Urbani. This place is relatively new with a hip environment and an extensive menu of delicious foods. I've been back three times since ordering things like Chicken Meatballs, Cheeseburger, Cheesecake, and Chicken Burger. Prati Urbani has everything and I'm a huge fan.

^ Roommate Kelley is at it again with her creations. To add to her gnocchi-making genius she has now embarked upon mastering the art of the Pici Pasta. A pasta dish famous in the region of Tuscany, Pici is a thicker pasta made from scratch and typically coupled with a ragu sauce. Kelley did good and I hope she lets me participate in the next eating of Pici Pasta.

So there you have it:  Food Again March Edition. I suppose the month of April will be my last 'Food Again' post so I'll try to only eat the best of the best to share with you before I head back to the states. Thanks so much for taking a look!