Jordan + Maddie - Proposal / by Caitlin Trickett

These two! My heart! Ahh!

Wow wow, to say that I'm ecstatic about Maddie and Jordan being engaged wouldn't do my feelings justice. I've known these two for a very (very) long time and I've loved watching them evolve into "that incredibly frustratingly perfect for eachother in every way" kind of couple over the past 5 or so years. When Jordan approached me about photographing "the big moment", I'm pretty sure that I said 'absolutely' before he even finished asking because 100 times yes I wanted to play a part in their engagement. I was honored. I could not be any happier for Maddie and Jordan and I am so looking forward to watching them grow together in marriage. I don't know a couple that shares a love quite like they do and it's so inspiring to so many. You two are loved more than you know. Congratulations!

[These photos were taken after the proposal at Sassafras Vineyard. Look at those smiles! We had fun.]