Four Friends / by Caitlin Trickett

One of my favorite types of photoshoots to do is one with a group of friends. It's always so fun watching them interact with one another switching back and forth from goofy to "smizing" in a matter of seconds. This particular group of friends/beautiful ladies were a blast to work with because they each had a completely different personality that played so well off of the others...and I probably spent more time laughing than I did taking photos. We started in on some back-of-buildings in Fayetteville's Downtown and then made our way to Dickson Street for a shoot with Burton's famous ice cream cones (have you tried one of these yet?! Amazing!). Needless to say it was a successful evening that ended with a shared basket of fries at Hugo's. Thank you to these four wonderful friends for letting me take your photos! Stay beautiful :)

Here are a handful of my favorites from the day: