Caitlyn - Senior Shoot / by Caitlin Trickett

If you've taken a look through my current photography portfolio you'll notice that about 80% of it is composed of photos of my sister Sydney and my good friend Caitlyn Juarez. This is because they're the two most beautiful people I know and they're always up for a photoshoot. Caitlyn and I have been through a lot together: roommates for 4 months in a foreign country, a pretty terrible Spring Break trip, having the same name, suffering through 4 long years of architecture school, and still managing to find time to talk for hours over multiple glasses of wine. Needless to say, we know eachother pretty well. 

Of course I was more than excited when Caitlyn asked me to take her college senior photos because I knew it would be a great time (as always) and it would give me the freedom to try new things both on site and in post-processing. We squeezed into every alleyway Downtown Fayetteville had to offer in order to get that urban feel, which she described best in her Instagram: "Channeling New York rooftops". I had all 85 edits done two days later after a 4.5 hour binge; drinking hot tea and listening to cool jazz, making for a pretty moody set of photos.

I've said it about so many shoots in the past but this one is definitely my favorite so far. A huge Thank You to Caitlyn for letting me take her photos. It definitely won't be the last time. Enjoy!

At this point we had lost a lot of light so 'grain' ensued. I remembered this about halfway through the end shots but decided to keep going with it. I like to call it The Tessa Barton...she edits most all of her photos with a hint of grain.

Thanks so much for taking a look! Happy Tuesday everybody <3