TO MARKET - ROME pt. 05 / by Caitlin Trickett


For each of the Sunday's I've lived in Rome I have made the hour trek to the Porta Portese Market at the southern edge of the neighborhood Trastevere.  The market runs along the river and stretches at least a mile from one end to the other offering up everything from cheeses to vintage Burberry trenchcoats, household cleaning supplies to 10 euro boots.  It literally has everything you could imagine and it gives me something to look forward to every week.  While I don't purchase something every time I walk the market I love to visit if only for the show of it all:  vendors yelling back and forth, people pushing past one another, elderly women sifting through the tables of fur coats; it's great fun!

The months of January and February are a time of huge sales all throughout the city. SALDI SALDI SALDI is written in all of the store windows and on signs hanging in vendor tents that pop up on the corners.  Now is the best time to shop with prices cut 50-75%.  You've got to get what you need to before the stores mark everything back up just in time for tourist season come March.  I've fallen victim to some of the amazing sales of the Via del Corso but for the most part I have remained strong in holding onto my money.  Someday, when I've made it big, I'll return to Rome to buy fur coats and Italian leather boots in every color but for now I will just be content  to continue fawning over the Europeans with their effortless fashion sense.