FOOD - ROME pt. 03 / by Caitlin Trickett

FOOD - ROME pt. 03

Ahhh yes, food. This definitely won't be the only post in which I showcase all of Italy's finer things; finer things being food.  This particular post is only a small collection of the many meals I have indulged in but I guess all of the others were too good to wait for so they didn't get their photo taken with the iPhone.

I can count on one hand how many times I've gone out to a restaurant to experience Italian cuisine done "the right way" but the truth is that my college-student-studying-abroad budget won't allow for me to eat out once a day much less 3 times so I've had to get crafty in my own kitchen. I by no means claim to be a culinary genius because I am definitely not. Kraft Macaroni n Cheese and Salmon Cakes are about the extent of my know-how however, I am literally forced to make myself good food while here so I'm going to be learning a lot.  Thankfully I have a few classmates on this trip with me that seem to be super gung ho on whipping up delicious meals that they so graciously let me participate in eating.  

^ The Peroni (I think that's what it is called)! I happened upon this guy at a cafe down in Trastevere. Chicken + Tomato + Lettuce + Ketchup all in between two thick pieces of toasted bread. The Ketchup part took me back home for a second.  It was nice.

^ This was a delicious meal made at home.  We were feeling ambitious.

^ One of many meals made by Cesar this past weekend. I was so happy to eat chicken!

^ A "de-constructed" omelette with a refreshing glass of orange juice (arancia). Cesar loves to incorporate pancetta cubes (bacon) into almost every meal and for good reason. So good!

^ In my attempt to find the same breaded chicken found in my Peroni sandwiches I came across what I thought was it until I took a bite. At first I was disappointed but came to find that spinach patties are actually REALLY good.

^ This was a late night sweets run. Oh my goodness at this bakery! I'll have to share a picture of it soon.

^ As you can tell I have yet to break out of the same foods for every meal ha. Sautéed brusselsprouts are amazing though! Who knew?!

^ Italy literally sells Nutella by the gallon. I kid you not. This cute little guy is sold in a small bakery close to school. A Nutellina makes for a nice in-between class snack.

^ Brassai is another cafe close to school and they also have 'my' Peroni. Cappuccinos are an everyday thing for me. I love the atmosphere of the Italian cafe.

^ And finally another scrambled egg breakfast with a side of apple juice. Colors!

The food here is so good and so good for you. Everything is sold fresh whether it is bought in a supermarket off of a busy street or at a farmer's market set inside an open piazza. I am gaining a huge appreciation for home-cooking and loving the discoveries I make every night when it comes to "what should I eat for dinner?" Buying ingredients, making food, and eating it is a very large part of everyone's life here in Italy so a lot of time and energy goes into getting it right.  

I find myself missing the convenience of a rice bowl from Chipotle or the juicy all-American cheeseburger but I'm excited about my new eating habits and only hoping I don't grow tired of pasta.  Thanks for taking a look!